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This is the OLD archives page, and is not longer updated (and hasn't been for some time, I'm afraid). This page is still around mainly to preserve the old strip titles, which I have yet to incorporate into the new design. At the beginning of 2009, these links will no longer work, as I'll be taking down the duplicate version of the comics that they link to (the new format involved renaming all the comic files, and it would be pretty ugly to figure out a way to redirect all the old links to the new ones).

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To view the newest comics, use the new flash-based navigation bars (like the one above). The new template features next/prev buttons and can jump to any comic by number. Eventually I also hope to have all the comics transcribed into OhNoRobot, making them searchable by text (but I haven't been spending much time on that yet).

The old format strips start at 1-1, and progress in blocks in the order indicated in the diagram to the right.

Words go here...
1-1: The Phantom Gamer
1-2: Hitler and Mussolini...
1-3: Crunchy-Chewy-Chocolatey-Carnage
1-4: Insert Low Stat Here
1-5: Character Sheets I
1-6: Character Sheets II
1-7: Meet at the Inn
1-8: A Good Day for a Good Deed
1-9: The Broadswords of Madison County
1-10: Gaming Greeks
1-11: Head of the Table
1-12: The Doctrine of Proportional Response
2-1: Identifying Characteristics
2-2: Lothar the Boy Scout
2-3: Blessed are the Forgetful
2-4: Democracy is for the Weak
2-5: Let Invisible Dogs Lie
2-6: Like a Swiss Watch
2-7: Mystrike Montage
2-8: Innocence, Like Truth, is a Matter of Semantics
2-9: Revenge is a Dish Best Burned Down
2-10: It's Just a Big Flame...
2-11: Accusations of Insider Gaming
2-12: Doused Hopes
3-1: Waiting for Good-Dan
3-2: Light It Up
3-3: No XP and no pizza make Dan... something, something...
3-4: Two-Tentacles-Up!
3-5: Bait and Switch
3-6: He Got Game, but She Got Skillz
3-7: Encyclopedia Monsterica
3-8: The Law of Averages is Statistically Unsound
3-9: The One
3-10: No means no
3-11: Better to be Chicken
3-12: Filler
4-1: ...Than Fried
4-2: The Cost of Living
4-3: Choice is an Illusion...
4-4: A Survivalist Shopping List
4-5: Step One: Recon
4-6: Step Two: More Recon
4-7: How the Heck do you Score Shuffleboard?
4-8: Who Needs a Rogue?
4-9: What you don't see...
4-10: Passing Notes
4-11: The Reckless Necklace
4-12: Life Chokes... And Then You Die
5-1: The Game Master Paradox
5-2: Dan's Idiocy has the Power to Alter Reality
5-3: That Last Frame is Foreboding
5-4: The Gathering Storm
5-5: Shadows of the Past
5-6: Your Reality is Defined by your Choices
5-7: Things that both Suck and Blow
5-8: Speechless
5-9: Steele, Fire, Air, Void...
5-10: ...and Underwater action.
5-11: A Good Villain Thinks of Everything
5-12: A Great Villain Forgets Nothing
5-Special: In a Blaze of Glory
6-1: Enter The Index
6-2: Born to be Banned
6-3: Knowledge is Power
6-4: A Dan without a Flame
6-5: Airship Captains get all the Chicks
6-6: Namemus Maximus
6-7: Too Sexy for his Shirt
6-8: Through the Looking Glass
6-9: Everyone Complains about the Weather...
6-10: ...But Nobody ever Kills the Sky
6-11: Great Minds Twink Alike
6-12: "Broken" means "so good it isn't fair"
7-1: When PCs Are Confident Enough To Warn You...
7-2: ...The NPCs Should Run.
7-3: Never Underestimate Player Characters
7-4: Teenage Mutant Ninja Exiles
7-5: Kill Jill: Volume One
7-6: You Never Want to Hear: 'That was the easy part.'
7-7: Some People Catch On Slower
7-8: It Is Inevitable...
7-9: Editing: Where the Real Magic Happens...
7-10: Nazis from Indiana Jones Say "Don't Try Zis At Home"
7-11: Whoever said White Men Can't Jump never met Mr. Black
7-12: Lord of the Roads
8-1: Immovable Object meets Black Hole
8-2: Airship Engineer's are kind of like Onstar
8-3: Make Your Own Off-Ramp
8-4: Road Rage
8-5: Portable Outhouse of Destiny
8-6: New levels IRL
8-7: Enter the Doctor
8-8: The Art of Daycare
8-9: Gamer Serfs
8-10: Re: Re-Enter the Index
8-11: Your Doom Lies Upon Scrap Paper
8-12: Not so much a Backdoor as a Side door
9-2: Competing Visions
9-3: The Easy Way?
9-4: Enter Ze German
9-5: He Loves to Talk, Yes?
9-6: Nazi-Lite
9-7: So Thick You Can Eat It With A Fork
9-8: Ambience
9-9: A Better Door Than A Hallway
9-10: The Next One Will Be Funnier
9-11: Ze WHAT?
9-12: Lights, Camera, Achtung!
10-1: Genocidal Aptitude
10-2: Busy. Fighting.
10-3: One Down, Four to Go
10-4: Nope, Still Five to Go.
10-5: The War Goes Badly
10-6: The Battle Gets Serious
10-7: Unusual Pathing
10-8: On a sliding scale...
10-9: Indianna Jill und ze Kitchen of Doom
10-10: He's Brown, He's Reliable, And He Ain't UPS
10-11: Index: Generations
10-12: Home Free?
11-1: Channeling Clint Eastwood
11-2: Staring Death in the Face
11-3: Survival Optional
11-4: The Gray, the Black, and the Underdogs
11-5: Compulsory Victory Conditions
11-6: He's Getting Away
11-7: Is There Life Outside Of Gaming Night?
11-8: Next Time, Think Faster
11-9: In The Aftermath Of Stupidity
11-10: Hungry and Off-Topic
11-11: Give Us Caffeince And/Or Give Us Death!
11-12: The Case For Euthen-, Diet Coke.
12-1: The Chase Begins
12-2: Sun-Colour-Change Carnage
12-3: Objects In Front May Be Smaller Than They Appear
12-5: Don't Play in Traffic
12-6: What Was That Last Bit???
12-7: And The Others Stare...
12-8: A Dan On A Mission
12-9: Sliding Through The Crack
12-10: "Guh" Says It All
12-11: Slide For Your Life Charlie Brown
12-12: Index: Concluded?
13-1: Doubts and Dangerous Conclusions
13-2: Does Dr. Stan EVER talk a LOT!
13-3: It's Never Too Early To Powergame
13-4: From Recap to Respec
13-5: The Cleric Is Everybody's Best Friend
13-6: The Case For Clerics
13-7: Character Sheets III
13-8: Just When You Thought They Were Gonna Get Somewhere...
13-9: The Man Who Was Taboo
13-10: 'No... That's not true... That's Impossible!'
13-11: 'Search Your Feelings... You Know It To Be True!'
13-12: Buisiness As Usual
14-1: Corpslosion!
14-2: Two Whole Frames About Gas
14-3: We'd Rather Fight The Mummies
14-4: As The World Turns
14-5: That Doesn't Sound Like Improv...
14-6: Corpses Never Lie
14-7: You Dare To Contradict?
14-8: The Adventures of Dan Solo
14-9: Arnold Schwartzenwizard?
14-10: Claymation Is A Lot Of Work
14-11: ...The Better Part of Valor
14-12: "Why Is Nobody Helping Me?"
15-1: Mysteries of Life
15-2: Unravelling Dan
15-3: Grudge?
15-4: A Test
15-5: A Stiff Learning Curve
15-6: Retail for Dummies
15-7: The First Symptoms...
15-8: Arrows and Errors
15-9: Putting the Teachings to Use
15-10: Dumber Than The Average Religion...
15-11: Not This Again...
15-12: 1 Combat Round, 4 Panels
16-1: They Drain WHAT Now?
16-2: Powers and Provocations
16-3: Gotta Cast 'Em All...
16-4: Reasonable Precautions
16-5: Is Punishing Knowledge So Bad...
16-6: Missing The Point With 100% Accuracy
16-7: Turning Point
16-8: Follow The Leader
16-9: Order of Priorities
16-10: We Don't Need Your Mind Control
16-11: Sung To The Tune Of...
16-12: 99 Bottles of Beer
17-1: Nerf Semantics
17-2: Dubious Accounting Practices
17-3: It Must Be A Typo...
17-4: Nope, It's True
17-5: We May Have Miscalculated...
17-6: One Vampire Too Many
17-7: Healing The Masses
17-8: Never Tell Me The Odds!
17-9: Maturity
17-10: Dungeons of the World
17-11: Battle Tactics of Large Plains Mammals
17-12: It Doesn't Take The Team From CSI...
18-1: All Talk And No Action
18-2: Now You Want To Know What His Name Is...
18-3: Explosion Tales
18-4: They're Only Gamers...
18-5: Tying Up An Old Loose End
18-6: Keeping the Nerfs to a Minimum
18-7: A Fresh Start In An Old Town
18-8: "I Can't See! It's A Miracle!"
18-9: The Most Dan Has RPed In Months
18-10: Public Relations
18-11: Good With Children
18-12: Dan Holds His Tongue
19-1: Insanity Is The Only Place Left To Go...
19-2: Faint Hope Makes Dan Grasp At Sanity Again...
19-3: Looking for a Loophole
19-4: Don't Let Dan Focus On A Subject For Too Long...
19-5: It's Like They Are Playing 4 Different Games
19-6: Sometimes It Is Best For The GM To Stay Out Of It...
19-7: Paying Under The Table
19-8: Sometimes Its The Little Things...
19-9: Walking Slowly Backward
19-10: Polearms Never Solved Anything
19-11: Strong Deterrent
19-12: Dangerous Ground
20-1: Where No Buffoon Has Gone Before...
20-2: Rapid Mood Swings
20-3: How Do You Keep An Idiot Busy?
20-4: Dr. Stan's Daycare And Supersoldier Training...
20-5: Hinting At Background Information
20-6: All's Fair In Lovecraft and Warcraft
20-7: In Some Ways, Korea Is A VERY Different Country...
20-8: The Best Strategy...
20-9: Hey, Where's Dan?
20-10: Joe Isn't There Just To Look Pretty
20-11: He Was Walking Down The Steet When... Nothing Happened!
20-12: High Stakes Poker Action
21-1: We Have A Winner! And A Loser...
21-2: It Was Less About The Skills And More About The Powers
21-3: Sometimes You Know You Are Being Manipulated
21-4: Oh No You Didn't...
21-5: Slightly Historic Pseudo-Showdown
21-6: A Motley Crew
21-7: "Aaaaargh! Me beard!"
21-8: Charisma Wars
21-9: Don't Overthink the Plot
21-10: Warriors... Come Down And Plaaaay-aaaay!
21-11: Dwarf Power
21-12: The Game Where You Throw Ducks At Balloons And Nothing Is As It Seems
22-1: Dan's About To Get Mad Again
22-2: Extreme Min/Maxing Optimization
22-3: Everything's Annoying For GMs
22-4: I Call Interference On Joe!
22-5: Sooooooo Wrong...
22-6: Carefully Orchestrated Encounter
22-7: Guilt Trip or Guilt Adventure?
22-8: Works on Everything
22-9: It's Just Common Sense
22-10: Postcombat Accounting
22-11: Freedom From The Ropes Of Tyranny
22-12: Death Star Plans
23-1: Remember: Rashar is the Dwarf with no beard.
23-2: Undeath to Death
23-3: Know Your Party
23-4: Self-Diagnosis... If Any Of This Seems Familiar, Seek Help! [No Flash? Click for .GIF version]
23-5: Everything In This Strip Works IRL
23-6: WARNING: Extreme Quantities of Text!
23-7: The Graffiti Is Always The Same
23-8: 4-Color Chaos
23-9: Estimated Time of Arrival
23-10: EEE!!!
23-11: Pop a REcap in that Sheriff's ass!
23-12: Put On Your Angry Face
24-1: Maybe it just isn't worth it...
24-2: The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem
24-3: So Freakin' Weird!
24-4: Bandits Never Learn
24-5: Thousands Die: Infernus Claims Responsibility
24-6: Three Easy Steps To Balance Your Karma
24-7: Crane Kick
24-8: Hehehe.... Pauldrons
24-9: Pyrographic Memory
24-10: Stand And Fight, Lothar!
24-11: The History Of Killy-Dealies
24-12: Who Shields The Shields?
25-1: Aw, The Big Mean Ogres Can't Hit The Lil' Old Armor Class?
25-2: Hehe... Magic Whittle... Heh
25-3: I'm Sure She Was Just Kidding
25-4: Always Factor In the Game Master
25-5: Mortal Combat???
25-6: Enter The Dreaded Halfling
25-7: The Most Illusionary Spells Ever
25-8: Power Up The Most!
25-9: Dance, then, wherever you may be...
25-10: Dan's Opinions Do Not Represent Those Of The Author
25-11: Again with the cleric buffs, oi!
25-12: Lesson to all you lazy 0-level NPCS - Learn Magic!
26-1: Death-spiral Or Happy-spiral?
26-2: The Boy In The Bubble
26-3: Annoyance Compounded
26-4: You Will Pay For Your Lack Of Vision...
26-5: People Do Ugly Things When Backed Into A Corner
26-6: Incorporeal Swimming?
26-7: Dead Men Don't Use Scrolls
26-8: There's No Perfect Crime...
26-9: Grip of Steele
26-10: Getting Ready for a...
26-11: ROAD TRIP!
26-12: Road Trip?
27-1: Paperwork, or Kindling?
27-2: Yes, They're Wearing Seatbelts, I'm Just Too Lazy To Draw Them
27-3: The Border Is Guarded By Wampas? Wait For The Special Edition...
27-4: Dan's Not Driving On The Shoulder, It's Just Lazy Art Again
27-5: In America, First you get the Burger, Then you get the Power
27-6: Danalyze This!
27-7: Some of Dan's Bubbles Are Links
27-8: Motel 6 Probably Doesn't Even Have Towels...
27-9: Danalyze That!
27-10: What Do They Call A Big Mac?
27-11: What This Nation Needs Is DAN-Control
27-12: Wait, Who Did What Now? You Can't Skip That Kind Of Stuff!
28-1: Refresher On The Causal Nature Of Reality
28-2: Save VS Betrayal
28-3: California Dan And The Queue Of Doom
28-4: Heroes From Around The World - ASSEMBLE!
28-5: Doom Patrol
28-6: Who's On First
28-7: Doctor WHAT?
28-8: Why Anyone Would Play DWO Is Only One Of The Mysteries
28-9: Booth-Girls
28-10: Evil Genius
28-11: If You Read FLQ, You Knew This Was Coming
28-12: You Again?
29-1: You Can't Win If You Don't Play
29-2: Duh-duh-duh-DUH! Almost done E3...
29-3: E3 Final Montage
29-4: BACK IN BUSINESS! Almost...
29-5: The New Edition Edition Edition
29-6: Lapdance O_O
29-7: The Elements Strike Back
29-8: Status Quo?
29-9: No Mercy Minmaxxing
29-10: Different Doctrines

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